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July 30, 2017


Hello  My original, blog used to be Vampandstuff,  I changed,it because I read so many more different genders, still my Favorites are vampire wolfs  and fae, paranormal urban Fantasy. with a good story line,....New Adult ,is really good and become one of my favorites fast,  but then it seem the story  line is becoming all the same  who don't like hot sex story, but with a great story action to go with it?

I left bloggers. about 3 years ago cause it was not the same from when I first start it I was seeing people, talking about author. bashing them, bashing book bloggers, given the ARC out for free it was a mess,, who has the most followers like ,competiton,,A blog ,could not get on blog tour unless you had so many views on your blog or page likes I was just like WOW what going on. Their are so many Author's who ,gave my blog a chance and help the blog grow .. then I  took on to many reviews at  the same time,..   I have made, some great friends. from blogging  and made great friends with Author's...I took a break from blogging but didn't stop readeing,..I did miss blogging  so, I decided,to come back cause I miss helping the author get their books out and miss blooging about what I have read SO I'M BACK ..     

And  a kindlefire
I have extra swag I have a extra copy of omega by lizzy ford  Remember me by christoper pike and booksmark of some of my favorite author

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