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August 28, 2013

The Last Erchartress

The Last Enchantress:

Being nineteen for over three hundred years bites, and being single in New York with magical powers isn't much better.

Eva is trying to live an everyday life in New York. When this fails, she takes a seemingly unmagical job as a translator for a wealthy American family in Spain. Eva cannot stay out of trouble for long as she runs into a friendly but hungry vampire named Louis. Eva feels drawn to this handsome, dangerous stranger who has problems of his own.

Louis's life was just fine until Eva walked into his church. She smells like heaven. Or is it hell, always smelling but never partaking? Surely she is the devil coming to collect on his lost soul.
Here is it’s place on Amazon:

How I Got Involved
Scott Powell here the co-author of The Last Enchantress.
Back in 2012 when we were still sending out queries to potential agents, one in particular suggested that we change the entire beginning.  I remember Judith having a real hard time with this.  She had no idea what to write in its place.  She said that cutting the first ten pages of The Last Enchantress, felt like cutting off her own arm.
At that time I was simply giving suggestions, being sarcastic and of course helped with editing.  I remember driving home one afternoon with Judith she was really concerned.  She had no idea how to proceed. At that point I said that I knew what needed to be done and to leave it to me.  Well I fixed that part of the book and then Judith coaxed me to add more parts that I felt would help the story along.  Well thousands of words later I became the co author of The Last Enchantress.
It has been a lot of fun especially when we discuss things and scene that might be relevant or not to the overall story line.  Let’s just say I may be the CEO of this company but my wife is still the majority share holder so I am wary to cross that line.
Check out a special sneak peek of The Last Enchantress click here
Scott Powell and Judith Powell are husband and wife writing team.  Their books include The Last Enchantress available on kindle and Rebel available this fall check them out on their blog here:

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