As I sit here trying to word this review I am honestly at a loss of words. Being how much I enjoyed reading Tara's The Lonely (please read before Lost Boy) I decided since I was waiting on Lost Boy I would reread The Lonely and re acquaint myself with the characters (loved The Lonely just as much as I did the first 2 times btw!) Anyways while I read I kept notes to remind myself to see how Eli was in certain situations.... my big HUGE curious moment was when they were in the elevator I new what Sarah thought from the Lonely but I just HAD to know was how Eli felt. I was pretty creeped out yet impressed on Elis need to watch over Sarah constantly. During Sarah's treatment it was nice to see the reverse rolls from her telling the story and facing choices and feelings to his reactions and actual actions. I love this book just as much as The Lonely!! To write about two people so tainted and abused from their childhood and to see that even people who have been through hell and face it everyday of their lives can still hold a fraction of compassion for another and with help can return someday to being not to far from whole. I am sad to see the end of these books. I know they were hard for Tara to write but she wrote them really well. Lost Boy may make you smile and cringe but I am almost positive everyone will pass a tear or two. Happy reading