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August 07, 2013




Twenty years ago a man made a child he never intended to love.

Ten years ago the world ended and Emma turned her back on the man she believed was her an attempt to survive.

Eight weeks ago she discovered the truth about her family, including the sister she never knew existed.

Last week she had her heart broken by the one man she never imagined giving it to.

Yesterday she turned her back on those she cared for in an attempt to help them survive.

Today she plans on hunting two men to the ends of the broken earth.

Not to save the world.

Not to make the world a better place.

Tomorrow... she plans on getting revenge
Well even though I am sad to say good bye to all the amazing characters in the Born Trilogy it was a great ending and a bit surprising but even with all that I don't believe Tara could have done it any better. I did ugly cry at least twice. And I believe if a book can tug at your heart strings enough to break out in tears more then once it deserves the full 5 stars. Emma is back stronger then ever but shes having issues believing if what she is doing can be justifiable with her "us and them" theory. Emma has her heart broken, Anna battles with two great losses, Star is on her own with someone Emma isn't able to trust only to have things turned upside down all over again. There is death, lies, traitors, love for the most unexpected and for me to say that everyone will be happy and safe throughout this last book would be a lie. Even Leo voices his opinion on the losses he lives through. I truely loved this series Emma is one hell of a female lead. And her hardness is starting to slightly fade and she blossoms into such a loving caretaker. Such a great book happy reading all!!!

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