Pygmalia by Stephanie Constante REVIEW
I have never read anything like it. Stephanie keeps you guessing as to which direction things are gonna go. Its almost where you are lead in one direction and then something happens as you read and you are snapped back from the idea you had set in your mind. I adored Lillian in Pygmalia! So stubbon and if I were in her shoes I would resist to England to spend the summer with my rotton grandmother too. I guess though I cannot blame Celeste too much she has lived a pretty prestigious lifestyle and wants the same for her granddaughter.... even though her tactics are rather harsh. I was a huge fan of Adam but Virgil is the man in this book that interested me the most. I guess I am a sucker for men that are vague :) anyways I am going to recommend this book to a few of my book clubs they would LOVE IT! happy reading everyone!
Please Share the love with this book its a newer release andthis woman has some amazing books