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July 14, 2013


What price would you pay to be free of conflict and remorse?
An arm? A leg? All of your memories?
What if you had no choice?
What if it was something that was taken for the good of the world?
Fortunately for Gwyn that question has never had to be answered.
The price has already been paid for her.
She lives in a world free of sorrow, regret, misery, and guilt.
A world based on the promise that everyday is a new one.
A world where only the Memory Makers know what happened yesterday.

But the world is not as simple as they made it sound.
She discovers the Club of the Unknown, where dark deeds are committed and supposed to be forgotten in the morning.
There she discovers the promise of a new day was false.

Finishing behavioral school and blazing her own path in the world, leads her to the realization that not everyone paid the same price for freedom.

She can’t stop herself from seeing the truths hidden in the corners of her mind.

Or the green eyes of the boy leading her down the dark hallway.

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I must say first off that I am a huge Tara fan The Lonely being my favorite seconded by Vengeance. I however took a bit longer to read Imaginations I had to reread a few spots where I just wasn't picking up the storyline as I should have. But once I got past my few snags I eased into everything else. Gwen I thoust was a great female role and the no yesterday really got my mind thinking as far as how would I feel to not know a yesterday knowing all that I know at this point of my life. And all this happening to a seventeen year old her WHOLE LIFE! Its just crazy and then there is mister mysterious and the boy that Gwen could see herself wanting to be with in the long run. Gotta fan myslef cause that girl is gonna have some hard choices in her near future along with some trouble I think. I am excited for more of this story don't get me wrong but there are a few others of Taras that I want to be pulled back into first. Happy reading all!!

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