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June 26, 2013

Half Truths Review



Half Truths (Helheim Wolf Pack Tale #2)

*WARNING: This book contains sexually explicit scenes and graphic violence.*

The Helheim pack is still reeling from the abduction of their alpha’s mate. While Rhett begins the search to get her back, Vaile is distracted by a series of brutal murders at the local Goth club which have all the hallmarks of a vampire killer. Left to put the bloody pieces of the puzzle back together, he can’t help but think there is some sort of connection between the two occurrences.

Larissa Grey has just been assigned to the service of Vaile Wolfe, an intimidating, dominating detective who scares people to get his way. When the case they're working starts getting strange, she demands answers from her partner, but discovers only more questions. Will she be able to find the answers, or will Vaile prevent her from finding out the truth

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Half Truths:
I think my favorite part of these books is you get a little bit from not just one or two characters but the whole pack is wound together in the story as if its like a bunch of side stories wound together to help to understand and learn more and more. In this book Indi is in trouble her life is running down a slippery slope and Rhett is trying to justify his actions. Also a wolf from another pack is showing their face more and more in Helheim territory which is putting the Helheim wolf's on edge more so then they already are. A war is beginning to brew under everyones noses and I have a feeling that no matter what happens to try and prevent it shit is soon going to hit the fan. The end of Half Blood is a bit of a shocker to me I figured Sable would have some stupid suggestion about how Colton ended up in his predicament.... his suggestion somewhere pointing at Indi bit I was wrong. A small cliffhanger just big enough to make you want to open book three asap!! I must add though didn't see that coming with Vaseil kinda shell shocked but I love it!! Cannot wait to read 3 after I post this! Happy reading all!!


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