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June 25, 2013

Half Life Review


Half Life (Helheim Wolf Pack Tale #3)

*WARNING: This book contains graphic scenes and sexually explicit content.*

"Sabel knew two things in that one crystalline moment.
Firstly, the bastard sitting in front of him was responsible for Colton’s death.
Secondly, he would be dead before the day was out."

They call him the Butcher, and it’s a nickname well deserved. With the death of Colton still fresh in Sabel's mind


Half Life:
The very day that I bought this book I dove right in I couldn't wait to find out what was next. Now I am awaiting the fourth book with great anticipation. Like the other two in the series this book tells every ones story. The story moves from person to person with little confusion it moves almost effortlessly. In this one their are more killings of the packs but Sable is dedicated to finding who killed his best friend and helping him is a female from another pack seeking her revenge and she also maybe his new love interest so it is his task to help her get her revenge. Packs have united good and bad and helheim has made an ally that is a bit unconventional but to Helheims benefit. The Vampires have came to play a bigger role in this book but there presents is defiantly not unnoticed. Indi is highly sought still from rival packs but Helheim is willing to put their lifes on the line to keep her safe. One other aspect of this book that I have come to wonder more and more about is the human that has become smitten for Saskia. He has stood up and tried to protect her more then once and that has not gone unnoticed in her eyes. I know she is in love but his role in the next book.... I know its gotta be epic. And with all the surprises within book three I think there is more to Indi then anyone realizes........ Happy reading!

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