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May 20, 2013


The End of Me (The Single Lady Spy Series #1)

His death was almost the end of me.

He was still everywhere, surrounding me.

In our children's eyes, in the smell lingering in our bed, in candy bar wrappers stuffed down the side of the minivan driver door.

He was everywhere except where I needed him to be.

In my arms, kissing my lips, on the name of the deed to our house.

When his death didn't end me, the proposal from the man who owned every moment of my life, did.

My husband carried on in the places he wanted to be but I was gone the moment I agreed.

The moment I let him have me, was the end of me.

Adult 19+
Well.... 5stars, two thumbs up, and my 8th grade bowling trophy. Only trophy I possess that I can give... and let me tell ya hunny that was a strike after strike in that book! Wow I honestly didn't see any of that coming. I have so much I want to talk about and share and gossip about but if your reading my review then chances are you haven't read this amazing, twisted, (I don't know of erotica hits the nail on the head but it's close and I will throw that in there) novel. The sex scenes were intense, hell it all was intense! Evie was such a delicate yet strong woman she tried her damnedest to not cry or feel shame for her late husband in front of her children. And yet she was such a passionate giving woman as well. At times she knew what she was doing would be precieved wrong by most but she was living for the minute and trying to feel again all while keeping the safety of her family always within a heavy heart. She knew what she was doing was the right thing but was she doing the "right" thing for all the wrong reasons or because she truely believed she could pull through all this and have a normal life with her kids mother and Sissy again
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