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April 02, 2013


""How she came up with the story line and what her upcoming plans/projects are"


I’d been reading the Blood series by Tanya Huff, and after Henry Fitzroy mentioned he’d been running guns during WWI, that made me wonder where Mirrie had been during the World Wars.  WWII, with the Nazis and their occult ties, drew me, and I started imagining her fighting against them, trying to stop a giant evil from taking over the world.  The more research I did, the more the story came to me – it seemed to flow (although I did get stuck in some parts).


As for Return (the sequel to Release), it contains characters from Release and will center on something that’s mentioned in Release (Miranda’s arranged marriage), but it’s set during 2001.  For some reason, I’ve gravitated towards major world events and tied them to the supernatural, although Redeem (book #3) will not be tied to such an event. Having said that, though, I feel that my books are, at their center, character-driven.  So it’s a matter of having the characters interact with each other, taking them through certain events, with the goal of bringing them through the other side a stronger person.


Right now, I’m working on a short story involving Cray set in India back in the 1800’s.  The novel, Release, features characters that are not family, but friends who are members of the Dandridge household.  I’ve written short stories showing how Miranda and Cray met up with each character.  This one will feature Fredericks and his wife, Mary Louise.  New Orleans, 1842 introduced Ruth and told how she met Miranda, and India, 1906 featured Haddif (the faceless chauffer in the Dandridge Estate).


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