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March 06, 2013


Title: Wombstone: A Vampireland Novel


Author: Jessica Roscoe


Genre:  YA Paranormal (Warning - Mature Readers only 15+. Book includes violence, swearing and sex scenes)

Publisher: Indiana Ink Publishing

Release Date: March 1st, 2013


Edition/Formats available: Ebook


Synopsis: Mia Blake wasn’t the first girl to be taken by the vampires. She is kidnapped and held prisoner by Caleb, the world’s oldest and most powerful vampire. Turned against her will, Mia must find a way to free herself from Caleb’s grip and get back to those she loves. But defeating the world’s most powerful vampire isn't going to be easy…



                        Author Information

Jessica Roscoe is the author of Wombstone, a Young Adult paranormal novel. From a young age, she delighted in the written word and would often scare her poor parents with outlandish stories filled with the supernatural and macabre. Jessica studied film and screenwriting at university before deciding that novels were her calling. The setting for Wombstone was inspired by a six-month stint in the U.S. where she worked as a lifeguard at a summer camp in Mt Freedom, New Jersey. She is currently working on the next book in the Vampireland series. Her other loves in life include good quality tea, delicious wine, reading and hanging out with her husband and baby girl.




“What do you want?” I kept throwing questions at him. “Who are you?”

“You are here,” he answered. “If you keep asking questions, I’ll kill you.”

“You broke my nose,” I said accusingly, narrowing my eyes.

He raised his eyebrows, coming closer, peering at my nose. “I could punch you again, straighten it up?”

I pulled my head back, just out of his reach. “I’ll be fine, thanks.”

“Do you need anything? More blankets?”
I stared incredulously at this teetering Jekyll and Hyde who wante

I tried to turn my head to the side, to see where I was, and groaned in pain. Staying still felt better. I was sticky and bruised. My body was fighting hard to mend all the deep gashes and crushed bones. I lifted an arm and gently felt my eye where I had taken the impact of the unforgiving ground. It was excruciatingly painful to the touch – but it wasn't shattered anymore. It was in one unbroken piece, as if my fall had been a terrible dream. The oddly comforting metallic taste in my mouth told me otherwise, though.

I reached out with my hands, touching stiff sheets. I was hot, but I was shivering, goosebumps lining my arms.

It was so hard to keep my eyes open, but I fought to stay awake. I wasn't dead. I still had something left inside of me. I couldn't give up yet.

A face appeared above me. Something warm and coppery touched my lips.


I did.

Time passed – how much, I have no idea – and I stayed in the same spot, and I slept off death.


Wombstone' blow me away  no weak vamp in this story ..I was excited when they act their true nature, This is no love story their no happy end. The main character, Mia Blake is going to school has a boyfriend and a best friend she really don't have much family.She's kidnap at the school parking lot, Mia wake up in a cell chain up to the wall.. she has no clue who took her and where she is, all she smelled is old blood and and is in a  dark room , She not along in their some else is being hold down their to .. she help mia down from her chain, the girl has bite marks all over she look sick, her name is Kate
Kate tell Mia that she being held by vampire.. Mia thinks she lost her being down their to long..until they come in take Kate out to feed on her ..and when she come back .All she want to do is die,
Mia is getting close to one of the guy well not that close mia has a mouth on her very sassy. She is terrified. But won't give up with out a fight.. She is Torture stabbed with needles . for not listen in to the boss,, Mia has been taking for a reason ,And one of her taker will help her.. This story had me yelling at Mia for not listen, when she should of, Her best friend Evie is not all human. Friends turn their back on her things go down hill for Mia ..I hope she get a happy ending .Jessica writing is fabulous, in this story  Jessica got me back, in to vamp books again yesses I'm a vamp girl
on that note a must read ,,

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