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March 16, 2013

Guest Post Dont Kill Dinner Let's welcome Jennifer to the blog

Guest Post

How u came up with story line and the characters and up coming project


Hey everyone! Jenn here, taking over Vamps and Stuff for the day to talk about Don’t Kill Dinner my debut novel. The idea for the novel was originally sparked by a conversation about vampires and whether or not you should change something so iconic. A few months later I finally sat down to write.


I knew I wanted my vampires to still be vampires but I wanted to give them some liberties. I am a huge fan of seeing the good in everyone. My husband calls it naivety, but I like to think of it as a shred of hope for humanity. I wanted to do the same thing with my main character Kenna. I wanted her to be flawed but with a good heart and someone girls and women could look up to. I am sick of seeing all of the damsels in distress and wanted a Heroine who could save herself. The storyline more or less presented itself as I was writing. I wanted to create something totally new and different and I think I accomplished that goal.


My characters are my pride and joy. Nowadays you see so many girls just willing to roll over for a boy to save them in books and I wanted to turn the tables. Kenna is a strong, assertive, thoughtful young woman who knows what she wants and what she has to do to get it. Arthur is love struck, he wants Kenna more than anything and will do anything for her. Now I am certainly not saying he is a pushover but cupid definitely hit him square in the @$$. The rest of the characters just kind of materialized and I love them all for it.


I have a few upcoming projects I am working on. Obviously I am working on book 2 of The Rules Trilogy, Don’t Feed. I also have a YA book called Blossom, which follows the story of Maia, a 15 year old girl trying to survive high school when she finds out she is the Princess of the Fae Kingdom of Ranym. She has to find a way to complete high school while attending to her duties as princess or give one life up forever. I ALSO (I know I totally have the writer bug. Bad.) have a series of children’s books coming out this year called “The Adventures of Sammy the Shark”. These books will be a fun look into the lives of Sammy the Great White and his best friend Kyle as they learn the truth about great whites and oceanic conservation. These books will be for children 2-8.  


Well there you go. A little bit about my books and what you can expect in the next year! I hope you all go out and grab your copy of Don’t Kill Dinner and follow me at and on my facebook page for all the upcoming news and teasers!!


Don't Kill Dinner (The Rules Trilogy)

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