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March 19, 2013

BlackWater Review

‎'Danger Lorelei, he's coming'

Icy whispers brush against her cheeks when she's sleeping.
Most nights she wakes to the voices of her ancestors, always at 2:47 am.
Like all monsters, only the light keeps them at bay.

Lorelei Huntington knows what it means to fall for the wrong guy.
She knows what it's like to hide in the dark and wait for the light to save her.
She knows how it feels to watch while everyone you love,
and everything in your life, is taken.

After fifty years of looking over her shoulder and running for her life,
certain she could feel his breath at the base of her neck, the icy voices come back.
Again their whispers find her vulnerable and exhausted, just as they used to.
Fearful of seeing him again but desperate for answers, she goes home.

What she finds isn’t exactly what she left.
Who she finds, isn’t exactly dead or aged a day
But then again, neither is she.

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First let me say the cover is freaking gorgeous,Blackwater was captivating action a page turning gripping all the way to the last page,This is one of my best read so far in 2013 Tara Brown became one of my favorite author takeing my breath away we her dark and seduction storys..That are so addicted,Blackwater start in Baton Rouge june 1964,

Now Here They;re coming Lorelei
Lorelei  hear wispers in the nite around the same time it scare the hell out of her it cold all around her she scare to reach for her lamp the light stop the voice the cold.Lorelei live the life rich father nice house she has a lil sister that she love..Crazy mean mother who will sell all them to the devil,

I don't move in the bed I don't move at all I wait I listen
 Lorelei, wake up. wake up Danger
Then she meet the sexy Whit  who trun her world and life up side down the chain of event that happend will with in this story will haveing u saying omg wtf going on from pass present future.With a ending you would never see comeing .a must read I try not to put spoilers in my review so hard not to

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