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February 22, 2013

Welcome Marylynn Bast to vampandstuff

Tell us all about Veiled Secrets and any other current WIP?


Veiled Secrets is a paranormal novella. Serianna’s story began in No Remorse as a minor character. When I wrote Veiled Secrets the story flowed easily because I already had in mind what was going to happen with her. Her story begins with her being thrust into the world with no memory of who or where she is. Running through the forest to get away from hunters, she sends out a silent plea for help. Werewolves answer her call, saves her life and she finds herself on a trip across America in search of her memories.

My current work in process is Softest Touch, the second novel of the Heart of a Wolf Series.

Outside the werewolf stories, I am staring a new series called Panther Pride Saga: Corporate Affair.

Published through Sizzler, I have an erotica, One Bite To Passion. I am currently working on a story that will have the main characters and take the readers deeper into the vampire world.


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