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February 05, 2013

Tell Me Something Tuesday Host by Rainy day ramblings

What are some of your favorite romantic movies?

My favorite romantic movies are more classic romantic movies Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, The Quiet Man (love John Wayne movies I mean come on who doesn't like the Duke?), My fair lady (Audrey Hepburn is a doll!) The Proposal, Pretty Woman, the Last Song, Edward Scissor hands, Letters to Juliet, Leap Year, and my all time go to favorite is My best friends wedding ......hmmm now that I look at the list I am either a pretty sappy chickadee or a closet romantic....
I have so many romantic  move her are my two
Love jones the love they have for each other keep you glue to the movie I had to look at this movie like 100 time
 My all time favorite, Twilight  the first is so original ,, the love  that bella  and Edward  is so hot ...I love a good romantic movie with action and that can make me laugh



Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

Thanks so much for participating. I am so sorry about the linky face palm. I set it to start at noon go figure. I will get it right. You can add your link now. I am happy to see a fellow GWTW fan. I am always blabbering about that movie. I need to go look up the Mrs. Jones movie I have never heard of that one. Pretty Woman another great choice! Wonderful lists ladies! Happy Tuesday. Please shoot me any questions you want to see answered.

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