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February 04, 2013

Super Dark Review

Super Dark (Super Dark, #1)
For fans of Stephenie Meyer comes a chilling love story that will have you hooked from the very first page.

Darkness stalks seventeen-year-old Sam Harper. Ten years ago on Halloween night, grotesque creatures snatched her best friend Elliot and Sam narrowly escaped with her life. Now a decade on, the police investigation has ground to a halt and Elliot’s whereabouts remains a mystery.

Traumatized by her ordeal, Sam finds it hard to make friends. She is mistrustful of authority and changed schools more times than she cares to remember. To her, the world is cruel and unforgiving.

Then she meets the enigmatic Lee Weaver. With his gorgeous face and magnetic presence, he turns heads wherever he goes. Sam has never wanted anyone as much as she wants Lee, but there are things about the alluring stranger that don’t add up, leading Sam to ask unsettling questions about her past. Soon she discovers the boy of her dreams is keeping a terrible secret: one that threatens to destroy everything Sam holds dear . . .

Super Dark is a seductive love story that will keep you guessing right until the final page ..        



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Charlotte Bronte

Tanith Morse grew up in Wandsworth, south London. From a young age she developed a great love of horror films and gothic romances. Her favorite director is Tim Burton and her favorite authors include Charlotte Bronte, Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins. When she isn’t writing, Tanith enjoys directing short films for the festival circuit and looking after her cat, Mambo. An avid tea drinker, Tanith can be found hanging out in cozy London cafes in search of new brews to tease her taste buds. Super Dark is her first YA novel.
First thing first this South London raised woman can write a book! Tanith Morse has left me waiting and wanting more more more! Super Dark is her first YA far but I am here to say that I CANNOT WAIT for Super Dark two.
Super Dark is a story about a 17yr old Sam who was abducted when she was 7yrs old along with her best friend Elliot. Elliot begs their captors to release her and he wont fight them. With out much haste the two captors drop Sam in the middle of no where and that was the very last time she had ever seen Elliot. There is a ten year stretch that elapses between the past and present which left Sam to battle many things. Such as why Elliot would sacrifice himself for her, is he still alive, her parents divorce and also the media attention and countless questions also being known wherever she goes has drove Sam into missing school, changing schools and pretty much striving to be antisocial and separating herself from her peers in fear that they will find out her secrets. As the story moves along Sam finds herself making friends after all while doing a school project. That without her knowing is when Sam life starts to fall from beneath her again without her knowing. While studying with her new friends is when she met him. Lee is the man you would find in magazines and even though her friend spotted Lee, Lee cannot stop looking Sam way. and un be known to anyone Lee has dark secrets of his own that right now could mean life or death. Like i mentioned in the beginning I cannot wait on Super Dark two I am dying to know how all this potential love works its way hopefully into a happily ever. But only time will tell. Happy Reading


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