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February 18, 2013




  Moreno was an average 22-year-old women who loved shopping, hanging out with her friends and making more career plans....until the night she was brutally and unexpectedly murdered.

Now she finds herself trapped in the ghost world while residing on earth. The problem is, her killer can see all of his ghostly victims and enjoys taunting them as much as he does killing them.Brianna soon finds out that her killer has horrible new plans concerning her family.

Brianna meets up with a few of her killer's past victims to hatch a plan so terrifying, the entire town will never be the same again.

Brianna is a good ghost gone bad; the good girl side is gone forever!

*This book is not a YA read. It's an 18+ only novella that features sex, strong language and strong violence.

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About the author

Janiera enjoys feeding her book addiction when she not writing. Writing is theraputic to her during her struggles with Fibromyalgia. Being unable to work a normal 9-5 is what encouraged her to write full time. She is also a book blogger at Beauty and Books where she mixes being a book nerd with keeping things chic. When not reading or writing she is freelance writing in the entertainment industry.When trying to relax she likes a huge yard sale on a Saturday morning, rainy days to read by and nacho cheese is her kryptonite. Soul Sisters is her debut novel.
Feel free to visit her book blog where she loves reviewing books and doing author interview at Books & Beauty- She loves feedback and welcomes any questions or comments to her email:
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I really don't read  scary, books to much but good ghost gone bad is so good, I could not put it down
I felt the pain  Brianna was going through,  And she able to talk to Brian the one who kill her...he a killer and his wife no all about it  she just has sick has him, he can talk and see ghost, and Brianna and the rest of everyone he kill want revenge,,,Brianna meet Tate one of Brian victims, They become close and find everyone who Brian murdered, He after, Brianna Lil sister She will stop at nothing to make sure he don't take her and the other ghost, I won't give up to much this was a short story it was so good. action  love frightening, great characters, a must read,
Janiera is one of my favorite author, all of her book are Fabulous check them out


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