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February 11, 2013

Disarming blog tour Character Spotlight with chapter exerpt

Character Spotlight:
Age: 22yrs old
Profession prior to the apocalypse: Usher at a show at the Wynn Hotel & Casino
Current profession: Leader of the 'The Twelve' A super human hybrid detail from the underground city of Vida, underneath Las Vegas.
His secret: A hidden lair in the Ghost Bar atop the Palms Casino.
Skills: proficient sword and knife fighter and excels in rigging booby traps to catch and fry Feral Vampires (Zompires)
What would he have done if there hadn't been an apocalypse?-Traveled the world and become a rock star.
Favorite drink- Heineken beer

 chapter exerpt:
So, how long?”
“How long what?” Christian’s irritation flooded his voice as my curiosity peaked. His face was pinched with pain periodically, making me wonder if starvation was that painful, or if my questions were driving him mad. Since we were stuck here together, with no way out, I figured I’d get to know him. Know thy enemy, right?
“How long before, you know, you kick the bucket?” I chewed on my lip, wondering if he was going to act all broody and uncooperative. It was going to be a hell of a long night if he didn’t want to chat. I was wide awake, and I had no intention on letting him rest while so many questions dwelled in my mind.
Christian snorted and turned his gaze in my direction. Something told me he was doing the same thing I was: trying to peel away the layers that I had so carefully wrapped around me. It was my own armored wall that I had stacked so high not even I could get out. I was certain there was no way in, which was perfect for this moment.
“What? Gonne miss me?” he snickered. “I don’t know. I’ve never starved to death before. I’ll let you know when I find out.” He shifted on the cot, sliding to the ground and crawling toward me. “Why do you care? You offering?”
Alexia Purdy

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