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January 11, 2013

welcome Tanja Brewer to the blog

I would like to welcome to VampandStuff  Tanja Brewer She will be my partner Doing review blog tour, and what every else, she like to do I'm so excited, She hear

Hear she is telling us all about herself,

a 27yr old mother of 2 amazing little girls Gracelynne soon to be 3yrs and Madilynne on her way to 2yrs. I am an all night reader while everyone sleeps. I can usually read a 300pg book in about 6hrs if conditions are in my favor :) I used to only read on my Kindle phone app but I recently won a Kindle Fire and it is the best thing EVER! I tote it everywhere I go. I enjoy reading all the classics as well as some historical or biographies recently I have become an avid reader of anything paranormal and YA truthfully if it can be read and I get my hands on it I will read it. I love to play coed softball in the fall. This past season we took first in our division it was an amazing day! Also I am big into princesses its kind of dorky but all the Disney movies are so much better now that I have little girls to watch with..... (or to give me an excuse to be watching) I have an interesting sense of humor and I tend to make jokes at all the wrong times haha. I enjoy nights out as a family or just with my fiance to have drinks. I am getting Married May 11th 2013 and if anything is going to kill me young it is going to be planning a wedding! All in all I am a fun person to be around. I'm loud and friendly tend to be a hugger and I know all the right things to say at the wrong time. If you need to find me anywhere else cause you can't find me through Nikki or her wonderful blog my email is

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