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January 29, 2013

Tell Me Something Tuesday

Who are some of your favorite romantic couples?
Sam and Elliot from Super Dark

Dex and Piper from Recalled, Leito and Aiden from Incendio


As Far as my book boyfriend.... I am a sucker for bad boys always have been and probably always will be.thats why only picking one book boyfriend is IMPOSSIBLE! From where I stand if I could take one thing from each and everyone of them I would be estatic!! Too bad the bad boy always turns out to be evil whether he wants to be or not. Simon from Dannika Darks Mageri series is my main attraction currently. He is a Vampire that wears leather pants and has an amazing body! and he has and accent! He has the ablilty to suduce a woman at the drop of a hat. Logan is another of my love intrests.. he is also from Dannika Darks series he is a Chita a bad boy and a rebel! he was hired to capture Silver and yea that back fired and OMG the things he says I just wish I was her!! I so could live in this series and I wouldn't ever need another book boyfriend EVER!!

    Well My favorite romantic couples? Are Ella & Micha from the secret of Ella & Micha
    Callie&Kayden From the coincidence of Callie&Kayden
    Daemon Black Katy from the Lux novel, Dex and Piper from Recalled
    Pax&Mila  from if you stay
    Cat& bone Night Huntress
    Rush&Blaire Fallen too far
    Sam & heven from Masquerade
    Maggie & Caleb from The significance
    Jacque & Fane Grey wolves series
    Kian & Breena Frost series
    SILVER AND LOGAN  Mageri series

    I Have ton of romantic couples I love the list go on and book boyfriend omg I need some them in my life for real...LOL




    Cambria said...

    AHHHHHH!!! Fabulous Lists!!!! I am so excited to see Dex and Piper on BOTH lists!!! I even saw a Sam and Heven! Yay!
    And the other couples you mentioned.... swwooooon!!!

    I just love book couples... they are so fun to read.
    Thanks for posting this week!!!!

    Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

    THank you ladies for participating! Some awesome choices up there. I have not met Dex and Piper yet, they are coming up on Fire and Ice so I will soon. I am so sorry I was lame and didn't get the linky up. I have been so stressed with all the Fire and Ice posts this week. Next week. Any question suggestions for me? Have a wonderful day!

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