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January 14, 2013

Review Princess

Money can’t buy happiness… even in a world that begins with a Tiffany teething ring.

Sydney Ross has it made. As the 17-year old daughter of Illinois senator Randall Ross and socialite Jillian Ross, Sydney was born with perfect teeth and a killer trust-fund. Everything about her life is idyllic…the life of a princess. The Ross’ are richer than God and twice as beautiful, the picture-perfect All-American Family.

Except that it is all a lie.

After a positive pregnancy test, Sydney’s life unravels in the space of just one breath. Life as she knows it is over and survival itself begins to look questionable as life and death literally hang in the balance with each sordid twist that she is dealt.

After the shocking climax, Sydney is brought to her knees with one seething question: Who in the world can she trust when no one is who they seem to be?

Caution: This book is not set in a Mayberry kind of world nor is it a simple book about teen pregnancy. Princess is somewhat twisted and edgy. You might need to fan yourself during some parts and a box of tissues during others. It contains love, suspense, heartache and loss. Oh- and some adult themes and language, too.

About the author:
Courtney Cole is a novelist who lives near Lake Michigan with her family (aka Zoo), pet iPad and favorite cashmere socks. Princess is her first venture into the contemporary fiction genre. She usually hangs out in paranormal worlds, as evidenced by her Bloodstone and Moonstone Sagas
Princess An American Princess Novel
brought from amazon
My Thought ...OMG PRINCESS is so good i read in one day,,,The story start with Sydney her mom and dad is rich she has everything the perfect life cute boyfriend..But her mom is a freakin psycho,Just one nite Sydney and boy friend christian hang out and fool around..and Sydney is in trouble,she get pregnant. No one want her to keep the baby her mom want it out of her right away, and her dad just agree, christian mom and dad feel the same sydney mom and christian mom is calling her all type of names and her so call boyfriend just sit their and say i don't want the baby to.So Sydeny leave the comfort of her fabulous life and movein with her distant a small placed not what she used to,but she will not get rid of her baby,,Time go and no one call her or nothing her cousin,Stephen Syd is geting close he take care of her liveing with no money is not all that bad..One hot day Sydeny go for a walk to get a drink,and then out of the blue some one run her over and she loses her baby..OMG after that accident ,her life go the line ...the cop are not telling the her dad trying to kill,her This story will have you frozein in one placed..i could not stop reading,, Action non time.. The killing are not who you going to think they are at all THIS IS A MUST READ

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