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January 05, 2013

Review The Descendant

The Descenant
By Kelly Greals
 Allison Carmichael wakes from a car wreck with no memory of the past three years. She doesn’t recall her husband’s death or how she alienated her friends, and she definitely doesn’t remember anything about her new boyfriend Vincent Drake – a charismatic man with a penchant for rare and unique possessions. In fact, the only things familiar to Allison are her seemingly common ailments – insomnia, lack of appetite, erratic body temperature – which have gone undiagnosed and are worsening.

But Vincent knows exactly who, and what, Allison is – a mortal descendant of the first vampire. He is a vampire who has watched over Allison and her ancestors since the biblical times of Cain and Abel ensuring their secret is kept. Once he realizes Allison’s symptoms are accelerating and transforming her, he’ll stop at nothing to have her.

Allison discovers that she is a descendant and the first of her kind to exhibit signs of vampirism. She must decide between risking her mortal death if she cannot control her symptoms or fully transforming into a vampire and damning her soul for eternity. A decision made even more difficult when Allison discovers that Vincent has manipulated her life, and everyone in it, so that he can have the one thing no one else in the world has – the first descendant-turned-vampire.

THE DESCENDANT – A Vampire Tale of Biblical Proportions

 REVIEW  This book was so good,,I could not put it down First it start with Allison, who have all kind of trouble.She hot then cold mood swing not hungry buring in the middle of her stomach.and the doctors can't find nothing wrong with her,all her test are fine,and top in all that she have dream about a garden, that make her feel better. Allison thinks she haveing a mid life crisis, So she go home to tell her husband Matt who is always  supportive, They have a party to go to and have fun he want her to lighting up and be in a good mood.. Allison and matt are drinking talking at the party but Allison see this man who Seving at the party and she drawn, to him and can't stop thinking of him...Now it time to head home and Matt not driveing he a lil drunk and Allison hate driveing on the highway, but she has to, So they talking and    then all of the sudden ..boooom car go flying in a ditch, and Allison wake up in the hospital, to find her husband has been die for 3 year ,,and he was not in the car with her and she has this sexy fine boyfriend, that she can't remember. How matt die how  and her she met this handsome man name. Vincent, who she feel she can trust, But is he telling the truth and what is he really and what is Allison, The truth come out People are not who thay say they are is matt die or not,, WOW this story had a grip on me and did'nt let me go  from start to the end
Kelley OMG it have to be a book 2 i need to no how Allison is doing and what to become of her,,

To my follow a must read you love it


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