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January 05, 2013

Kelly Excerpt & giveaway

I’d like to thank Nikki for having me today here on her blog and also for her support of my book. We only met a few months ago, but she has been so supportive!
For my blog post, I did something a little different. This is not an excerpt from The Descendant; I wrote this piece specifically for this blog. It is written from one of my non-human character’s point of view and is core to the vampire tale that I wanted to write. I’ve had thoughts of writing a prequel novella and if I do, this just might make it in there! Enjoy!
The Beginning

A snapping twig wakes me from my slumber. I raise my head to see the source of the disturbance. A man walks out from the trees and into the clearing. He’s of average height with long, brown hair. His robe is cinched at his waist by a rope and the hem tattered. I flicker my tongue with anticipation. I haven’t seen anyone in this garden since the original inhabitants were permanently banned from paradise. In fact, I don’t know how this person was even able to enter the garden as an angel stationed on the perimeter prevents any guests.
The man stares at the tree. It’s not just any tree, it’s thee tree. Of course he’s hypnotized by it; who wouldn’t be with its shimmering fruit? I slither over the ground and wind myself up the trunk. Hidden behind the branches, I watch the man. In the man’s eyes, I see the sparkling fruit reflecting like a mirror. I inhale deeply and then exhale, sending the tree’s scent wafting through the air like a heavy perfume. He inhales and closes his eyes, letting the scent tickle his senses. He opens his eyes and walks toward the tree. Mission accomplished.
I twist around the branch, my weight almost too much for the limb. I snicker at my stealth. “Well hello there,” I say. The man takes his eyes from the fruit and looks at me for a brief moment before returning to the fruit. I flicker my tongue. “What brings you here?”
“I’m looking for something,” the man responds.
“Well maybe I can help you. What is it that you’re looking for?”
“Forgiveness? For what?” I study his plain features. There’s a familiarity about him.
“I killed my brother.”
My curiosity was now piqued. “I see. Well what if I told you that I could help? Maybe not with forgiveness but I can make you forget.”
“You can?”
I study his face and then realize that he has his father’s eyes. What were the chances that not only someone was in this garden, but it was the original inhabitants son? And a son who had killed his brother!
“Yes,” I hiss. I wind myself toward the apple dangling from the end of the branch and bite it, injecting my venom into its flesh. “All you have to do is bite this apple and then all will be well.”
The man looks at me. “Eating an apple is going to make everything well?”
“It will; you’ll see.” I nudge the fruit with my snoot. “Come on, take a bite like your mommy once did.”
The man plucks the apple and holds it to his eye. The sunlight reflects off of the crystalline skin. I’m full of anticipation just waiting for him to bite and see what’s in store. He pulls the fruit closer to his lips and looks at me. I nod in encouragement. He looks back to the fruit and takes a bite, his teeth easily penetrating the decoy flesh. He chews, then swallows, and then begins to choke. He flings the fruit to the ground and drops to his knees. I spiral down the trunk and stop when I’m eye level.
“You’re a fool, just like your mother. Did your parents not tell you the story about this tree and the harm it has already brought your family?” The man didn’t respond; he couldn’t as my venom spread through his body. “And now you are really in a pickle. Do you know what is happening to you?” The man shook his head as he grabbed his throat. “You’re dying. My venom was in that apple and it’s now in your body and it’s going to kill you. It will be a slow and painful death.”
The man fell to his hands and knees. He spat at the ground in futile attempt to rid his body of the apple and the poison. I spun my way down the rest of the trunk.
“But I can save you,” I whispered in his ear. “Do you want to die?” The man shook his head. “Do you want me to save you?” The man nodded in affirmation, which brought a smile to my face.
If only he knew what he had just consented to. I was finally going to get my ultimate revenge against the big guy for having put a permanent rift between man and me. But I’ll show him! I will get the last laugh. I will take his precious creation and turn it into an abomination the likes of which have never been seen and whose sole purpose will be to destroy that very creation.
I drew my head back, opened my mouth and my fangs emerged. Venom dripped from the tips of my fangs as I prepared to strike and create my most prized creation – the vampire.

Kelley Grealis
Author of The Descendant a Rafflecopter giveaway


Denise Z said...

Thank you for taking the time to share with us and for this special short. I am sorry I could not find you on FB, will keep trying. I wish you all the best, The Descendant looks really intriguing :)

Nikki Archer said...

The link is in the review part ..but I will,fix it

Kelley Grealis said...

Hi Denise - thanks for stopping by here, reading my short and leaving this message. I'm glad that you enjoyed it! You can find my fan page at: If you pick it up and read it, I'd love to hear what you think about it! Have a great weekend!!


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