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December 02, 2012

Black Tiger Blog TOUR Guest post

I'm here to tell your readers a little about my new paranormal romance, Black Tiger. It's about... um... tigers. And a were-tiger.


Just imagine you're a were-tiger, a being that exists in two dimensions, human in one, tiger in  the other, with sometimes a bit of mix and match between the two – if you can keep control of the tiger part. Because that tiger part is a killer. He's savage, he's solitary and his urge is to rip out throats if he can get a chance. None of this full moon nonsense, you can change whenever you wish, and sometimes when you don't wish. You're walking around with this thing as part of your psyche. It can talk to you in your head, a constant companion, a constant threat.


Ash is the last of an ancient line of were-tigers stretching back over a thousand years or more, protector of the jungle in his native land. Like tigers, were-tigers are solitary and they don't tolerate competition. But they do need to mate with another of their own kind. And therein lies the rub. Were-tigers are even rarer than tigers. In all his years of looking, he's never found another.


Sally is an Australian doctor, escaping her broken heart in a different land. But she's only been in India for five minutes when she learns about the mysterious, legendary Black Tiger. Then the dreams start.


Ash fancies Sally, oh yes he does. But she's white, European. She couldn't possibly carry the were-tiger gene. Besides, his mother doesn't approve. She thinks he should marry a nice Indian girl. So what will he do when he falls in love with the wrong girl? Will he be the last of Tengai's were-tigers, or will his family obligations overrule his heart?


The story will take you, the reader, to exotic places – an Indian tiger reserve, a raja's palace, the slums of Mumbai, the bright lights of Hong Kong, and the streets of Melbourne. You'll go on a tiger hunt on the back of an elephant, chase a poacher through a stinking slum, prowl through a Hong Kong alley, attend a Hinud funeral – and a Christian one, probe the secrets of the tiger temple.


Fancy a small sample? Sally's having one of those dreams.


Sally walked along a jungle path, trees crowding on both sides so thick their branches met overhead. The only sound she heard was the soft shuffle of her own footsteps, muffled by undergrowth. Unease started as a prickle in her back, as though hidden eyes watched. She picked up her pace, her heart beating faster, her mouth dry. Cold light shone ahead of her. The moon? The light disappeared, blocked by a huge shape. She halted. Oh God. A black tiger stood on the path, the massive head lowered. Glowing golden eyes glared at her. Her heart pounding, she turned and ran. The beast bounded behind her, the heavy paws thumping on the ground. Thud… thud…


All profits from the sale of the book will go to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to support tiger conservation. I've written more about that topic elsewhere.


What's my next project? Black Tiger is a stand-alone novel but there's plenty of room for more stories about Sally and Ash. How about stopping the theft of tiger cubs for sale in the US? I'll see if people want me to go there (let me know). In the meantime, I'm working on my more usual space opera with a dollop of romance, writing a sequel for my best-selling novel Morgan's Choice.


Thanks for having me. It's been a blast.


aerstad said...

were-tiger, sounds cool cause mostly what i have seen so far is werewolves. can't wait to check it out

Greta said...

Hey, I hope you like it. A were-tiger is a VERY different beast to a were-wolf. No pack, for starters.

Julia Barrett said...

What an intriguing story! I have to get this.

Nya Rawlyns said...

This is a compelling read, suspenseful, with a slightly different take on the were-tiger mythology.

Christine said...

Greta, this sounds FABULOUS. Mixing India and tigers and were-tigers - ooh! And yes, please, a story about smuggling baby tigers into the US would be VERY cool. Either the same pair, or a different pair...Huge congrats!

Greta said...

Thanks for the feedback, Christine. That's 1 vote for a sequel about cub smuggling.

Coleen Kwan said...

This sounds like a fascinating read.

Joanna Lloyd said...

Greta I knew you were writing this book but didn't know it would intrigue me as much as it does. What an amazing story-line and congratulations for donating proceeds to such a great cause. I will download it poste haste!!

Joanna Lloyd said...

Oh, and P.S. - Yes to a sequel about smuggling tiger cubs into US.

Greta said...

Thank you, lady. I hope you enjoy the book. And either way, the tigers will thank you.

Greta said...

Thanks for stopping by, Coleen and Julia. I really appreciate it.

Nikki Archer said...

Yeses I'm so reading this book Greta. Look out soon for a review thanks for comeing on my blog

Greta said...

Thanks for having me, Nikki :)

Deb Bennetto said...

What an original take on a theme! This sounds so intriguing. Good luck with sales, Greta, it deserves to do well

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