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December 11, 2012

12 Days of Magic (Spellbound) Book Blitz




Nikki Jefford is a third generation Alaskan who loves fictional bad boys and heroines who kick butt. She writes edgy teen fiction, including the Spellbound Trilogy and Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter.


Nikki married Sébastien, the love of her life, while working as a teaching assistant in France. They now reside in the not-so-tropical San Juan Islands, 70 miles northeast of Forks, Washington.




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Freaky Friday (Entangled, Spellbound #1)


IN THIS SCENE: On Friday, April 1st, Gray goes to school unaware of the fact that she died and is now inside her twin sister Charlene’s body.


Mr. Burke turned to face the class with his attendance sheet. The moment his eyes left the paper, they landed on Gray. “Miss Perez,” he said, startled. “What are you doing in my class?”


So even the teachers were in on it.


Gray swallowed. Her heart hammered inside her chest. Everyone stared at her. It was like some horrible nightmare. Maybe the coven was punishing her for performing magic at school. Enough to manipulate reality?  She couldn’t begin to imagine the kind of power that’d take, followed by the repairs and brain washes at the conclusion of her day of humiliation. It didn’t make any sense.


“The same thing I do every day, learning math under your tutelage, Mr. Burke,” Gray answered. Maybe she could get him to crack a smile and admit he couldn’t keep a straight face any longer.


But Mr. Burke didn’t smile. His jaw tensed. “Is this a joke?”


She would have liked to ask him the same question, but Mr. Burke didn’t look like he was playing around.


Everyone seemed to be holding their breath around her.


“I don’t know,” Gray said slowly. “Maybe you can tell me what’s going on.”


Mr. Burke just stared at her.


Gray sat up. “Did I get transferred to another geometry class and someone forgot to mention it to me?” Or to another school? Why was her locker cleared out?


“You’ve never been in my geometry class, Charlene.”


Charlene! Gray’s heart skipped. “I’m not Charlene!”


There were gasps all around her.


“Who are you then?” Mike Matthews asked from beside her.


“Oh, for Pete’s sake, you know very well I’m Graylee.”


Louder gasps, followed by a rush of whispers coming from all directions. It was like being sucked into the eye of a hurricane with chatter hurled and swirled all around her. Gray looked to Mr. Burke, imploring him with her eyes to make this charade end.


“Enough!” he shouted and the clamor stopped. Mr. Burke looked at Gray and spoke softly. “Miss Perez, please come with me.”


Gray stuffed her things inside her pack and vacated her desk. She was more than ready to get out of that room.


She joined Mr. Burke in the hallway, where he shut the classroom door behind him. Gray could practically hear the jabber begin anew the moment the door clicked in place. Hyenas. She’d like to see how her classmates handled a day in the Twilight Zone.



Being Charlene (Entangled, Spellbound #1)


IN THIS SCENE: After Graylee Perez is brought back to life she must pretend to be her twin sister Charlene while she’s stuck sharing her body. To “help” her out, Charlene has started a communications notebook instructing Gray on ‘How to be Charlene.’


“…for now I’m supposed to pretend to be Charlene?”

Mom brought a notebook over. “Yes, and your sister left some notes to help you out.”

Gray stared at the notebook a moment before taking it. She flipped it open.




No wearing your clothes in public. I will choose an outfit for you to wear to school on the days you’re me.


Hair must be worn down. No pig tails, pony tails, hair clips or goofy Princess Leia style buns on the side of your head.


No leaving the house without makeup. I have taped examples and tips in the following pages on how to create a smoky eye.


Gray flipped back to several pages of magazine print and step-by-step illustrated guides for creating a smoldering look. She flipped back to the front page.


No speaking to anyone at McKinley who isn’t on the approved list (see the following pages). Don’t even think about trying to visit with your old friends unless you want to get us committed to an insane asylum.


Absolutely no—UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES—having sex with Blake.




Gray looked up, her face still contorted. “Did you read this?”

Mom was putting away the brown sugar. “No, Charlene told me not to.”

“And you listened to her?”

Mom looked directly at Gray. “She said it was private.”

More like psychotic.





Magical Mischief (Duplicity, Spellbound #2)


IN THIS SCENE: Everything goes topsy-turvy in Duplicity. Spells start backfiring and Gray, “Lee”, is in for an unwelcome surprise when a duplicate of herself shows up to compete for the attentions of Raj and their mom. But first things first. ;)


Lee unhooked her bra. Suddenly she was gone.


Not gone, gone, but invisible. She re-clasped her bra, which might have been humorous if she’d been thinking straight because it wasn’t like anyone could see her.


Raj’s brows rose right before he chuckled. “If you didn’t want me to see you naked, you could have kept your clothes on.”


“Raj, this isn’t funny. I didn’t make myself invisible.”


“It’s okay, you’re not ready. You know I’m in no rush.”


“I’m ready! Seriously, this has never happened to me before.”


“Okay, so make yourself visible again.”


Lee stomped her foot. “I’m trying!” Etch A Sketch, M.C. Escher’s Drawing Hands—nothing was working.


Raj chuckled again. “I thought guys were the ones with performance anxiety.”


“Stop making fun of me.”


“I’m not. Need help?”


There was a brief pause followed by a huff of frustration. “Fine. Fill me in. Whatever.”


Raj was still grinning until his clothes ripped off his body. They fell in tatters to the tapestry rug at his feet.


“Someone’s eager.” Lee was happy to be the one on the teasing end of things this round.


Raj instantly turned red and quickly cupped himself with his left hand in an attempt to cover his…parts. “That wasn’t me!”


“Mmm hmm.”




Lee had to laugh at the way Raj’s eyes darted around the room trying to find her.


“Are you staring at me? Don’t look at me!”


“I never pegged you as the shy type.”


“I’m not. I just don’t like you staring when I can’t see you.”


“Fine, I’m not looking at you.” But she was. She was ogling every inch of him at the moment. Sixth hour weight training was doing wonders for Raj’s physique. Not that she’d ever found it lacking. He was all tight, toned muscle tinged in rich, dark Indian skin.


Lee wet her lips. It wasn’t like he’d see the gesture.


Two Grays Are Better Than None (Duplicity, Spellbound #2)


IN THIS SCENE: Gray and her duplicate must abstract blood from the avenging warlock Adrian in order to remove his powers. Adrian isn’t aware that Gray is back in town or that there are two of her. Gray walks into his shop invisible, and the other Gray (“Lee”) enters in her new *supermodel* body.


Time to go. Gray had ignored the voice at Gathering. She wasn’t making the same mistake twice. Gray caught up to Lee and tugged at her arm, but Lee yanked it from her grasp and took one of her giant steps forward.


“I don’t know who you think you are, Adrian, but I have zero interest in you. And to answer your earlier question—yes, I do have a boyfriend!”


Adrian whipped around, grinning. “Adrian? Have we met before?”


Lee, realizing her mistake, attempted to shrug. “I’ve heard of you.”


Adrian grabbed her arm so quickly, Lee had no time to react, but Gray did. She snatched Lee’s other arm as Adrian snarled, “From whom?” His expression changed when Lee was yanked away from him, but Gray hadn’t pulled hard enough to free Lee fully from his grasp. Adrian’s grip tightened and they played tug-of-war for several seconds. “Who’s with you?” Adrian demanded.


Gray leaned backwards, pulling Lee with her.


“Show yourself,” Adrian said. “SHOW YOURSELF.”


Yeah, right, freak. Gray pulled Lee out of Adrian’s grasp while he was shouting and pushed her forward toward the door. The girls made a run for it, but Gray, being behind, felt fingers grasp at her blouse and pull her back. She screamed when a second hand dove down the front of her shirt.


Adrian screeched and retracted his hand. Blood trailed down his arm where Gray had bitten him. Gray looked at the blood wistfully, but it was time to make her escape. The bell above the door had already signaled Lee’s departure.


She never expected Adrian to make such a quick recovery. He lurched forward and got hold of her—sight unseen—threw her to the ground, and straddled her from above. She felt him grope around for her arms and pin them above her head. At least he couldn’t see the terror on her face. She tried to squirm and kick him, but he had her pinned down between his thighs.


“Who do we have here?” Adrian said. His breath emerged hot and heavy over Gray’s face. “Feels like a woman.” He leaned down. “Smells like a woman. Does she taste like a… ah… ack!” Adrian’s hands shot up to his head and he began madly scratching his scalp.


Maybe not as impressive as being able to fling someone halfway across the room using their mind, but the itchy spell still came in handy.


Enchantment (teasers)

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Surprise Performance (Enchantment, Spellbound #3)


IN THIS SCENE: Gray goes to Barcelona for a summer of escape only to run into her old adversary, Adrian Montez, when her friends surprise her by taking her to a magic performance at the theater. Things go from bad to worse when she is called on stage to volunteer as part of Adrian’s act.  


“Here she comes,” Adrian said as Gray slowly made her way up the stairs on the side of the stage.


Gray was shaken, not just to see him, but that someone from her past stood not eight feet away in a country so spectacular yet unbearably lonely at times and here was a personal connection to her former life – albeit an unwelcome one.


Adrian betrayed no signs of familiarity. “What is your name?”


Gray glared at Adrian as though they were the only two people in the auditorium. His expression remained annoyingly neutral. From below, Hannah and Marco yelled, “Gray!”


Adrian smirked. He turned to his audience. “I don’t know. She doesn’t look gray to me.”


The audience laughed. Worst of all, she heard Hannah giggling before the translator even finished.


“Now then, Miss Gray, if you will step this way.”


Gray wasn’t about to step anywhere near the table with its giant saw. Adrian noticed her hesitation and said, “Don’t be afraid, my dear. I’ve done this a thousand times… and only lost one volunteer.”


The audience laughed.


Adrian reached his gloved hand out. Gray looked from the white palm of his hand to his gleaming eyes and took a step back.


“It appears the young lady is frightened.”


“Don’t be scared, Gray!” Marco yelled.


“There is nothing to fear,” Adrian called out, sweeping an arm toward the table.


“Go on, Gray!” Hannah hollered.


Could Gray come up with a plan in the ten steps it took to reach the table? Apparently not. She refused Adrian’s hand and approached the box warily.


There was no teleporting herself out of this one. Señora Contreras would never allow Gray back to the sanctuary and Gray wasn’t about to let Adrian ruin her summer in Spain. There was also the audience to consider, blissfully unaware that they were in the midst of real magic.


Once Adrian’s back turned to the audience he looked Gray over with an intimacy that bordered on inappropriate. At that moment, Gray felt as though she would have been better off facing him in a dark alley then in front of a mob screaming for her blood.


And if she let Adrian put her in the box, it most likely would be her blood.


The last time she had seen him, she had taken his blood, and now he had her right where he wanted her.


Adrian’s lips curved up. The fitted suit made him appear older and more menacing than Gray remembered. Gone was the voice of the performer. Adrian lowered his voice. “Go on Gray, get in.”


That’s it, she was out of there. They could all think of her as a coward. Better a coward than a fool. But as she backed up, Adrian caught her by the arm and hauled Gray to the step ladder. “Don’t ruin my show,” he hissed inside her ear.




Make The Girl Love You (Enchantment, Spellbound #3)


IN THIS SCENE: Adrian’s grandmother returns in book three, accompanying him on his magic tour in Europe.


“This food no good.”


Adrian’s Nan glared down at the plate of paella the waiter had set before her.


They were seated at an antique marble table attached to legs made of curly cast-iron supports. It was only noon, which made Adrian and his Nan the first lunch customers of the day. The Spaniards wouldn’t be out for their mid-day meal till closer to two.


Adrian was already three bites into his dish. “There’s nothing wrong with the food, Nan.”


“Food better in Paris.”


“Spanish food is fine. You just miss the pastries.”


“What wrong with pastries?”


Adrian grinned. “Come on, you have to admit it’s good to get out of the apartment.”


Nan scowled in answer.


His Nan had barely stepped foot outside since arriving in Barcelona two weeks prior.


“Why we come to Spain?”


“I told you. I had an opportunity to perform.”


“Perform!” Nan spat on the ground then tossed up her arms. “You perform plenty in Paris. I know why we come to Spain. The girl.”


Nan missed the look of warning on Adrian’s face.


“You almost kill yourself for this girl and still I no meet.”


“I did not almost kill myself for her. It doesn’t matter, anyway. She hates me.” She probably hated him even more after last night. It was of little consequence. Adrian had not expected to see Graylee Perez again, at least not this soon. Her mother had forbidden it. He smirked at the thought. No one forbade Adrian Montez anything.


Nan huffed. “Love. Hate. Doesn’t matter. You powerful warlock. Make girl love you.”


Adrian wasn’t above manipulation or the use of magic to get what he wanted, but in this instance the mere thought of it made him physically recoil. “I am Adrian Hedrick Montez. I will have a woman’s sincere love or I won’t have it at all.”


Nan huffed again.


Adrian smiled slowly. “Besides, I already have the love of a good woman.”


Nan came the closest to a giggle as Adrian had ever heard. Her lips puckered into a brief smile and she actually took a bite of her food. But as soon as she’d swallowed, she leaned forward and asked, “When we return to Paris?”


It was like dealing with a four-year-old.



Spellbound Soundtrack




This song has haunted my brain throughout the series. Plus David Bowie reminds me of warlock Adrian Montez minus the 80’s hair and tight pants…well, let’s keep the tight pants.


Lightning by The Wanted

Raj McKenna steals the show in Entangled. He is the ultimate bad boy with a good heart, and fiercely loyal to Gray. I stumbled upon this YouTube video and have watched it at least a dozen times all while thinking of Raj. Yeah, baby!




Within You and As The World Falls Down by David Bowie from Labyrinth

Adrian’s obsession with Gray reminds me of the Goblin King’s fixation on Sarah. At the end of book one Adrian risks his own life to ensure she doesn’t disappear. In book two his feelings intensify, but are harshly rejected. Sorry, Adrian, you have no power over Gray.


Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

The confusion spell Gray puts over Adrian requires her to speak gibberish the entire time. She starts singing “Rah, rah, ah, ah, ah; Roma, roma, ma; Gaga, ooh, la, la,” then accidently busts into the Bad Romance lyrics.




Barcelona by Giulia y Los Tellarini from the Vicky Christina Barcelona soundtrack

Love is in the air. Gray heads to Barcelona for the summer, meets the sexy Spaniard Carlo, wards off the attentions of the polite British Will, runs into Adrian and unwittingly falls head over heels for her arch nemesis. It’s all good fun!


Les Triplettes de Belleville from the French animation movie soundtrack

Charlene nabs herself a new body in Paris, shows up in Spain, much to Gray’s annoyance, and requests her help dealing with a stalker. I like to call this one The “Twins” of Belleville.


How does it all end? Find out Spring of 13!







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