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November 22, 2012

Wicked Fate Blog Tour

Book Blurb:


What if you lived in fear of yourself?


For Mage McPherson being afraid of herself is just the norm. Thanks to that fear, being a loner in a small town never bothered the mysterious Mage. Once she received her secret abilities, she figured being alone was the safest way to be. That all changes during her sophomore year at Summerville High when Adam, her equally mysterious secret crush, starts to notice her.


Afraid that she might harm Adam, Mage must learn to either control or deny herself. With Adam by her side she's more powerful than she’s ever been, but is she powerful enough to defeat her worst nightmare? She learns a hard lesson about love and magic when her destiny comes to collect.


A loud noise from across the gym catches my attention. Searching the crowd, it seems that no one else even notices the strange commotion. I hear it once more before my eyes are directed to the culprit. A now familiar face comes into sight.

With her back against the wall, Bernie covers her face with her hands as three girls stand in front of her and pummel her with a big red kick ball. They laugh when the ball bounces off of her and she lets out a little hissing noise.

“Stop it!” Bernie yells back. “What are you…five?”

“Are you a freak, too? Everyone saw you with the weird girl today at lunch,” I hear one girl say as she bends down to grab the ball.

Word gets around fast…poor Bernie.

“The gym is the best place for you, fat ass!” another girl says with a laugh.

The ball smacks against Bernie’s leg, causing her to fall to one knee.

 Disgusted, I stare helplessly, knowing that this is because of me.  As far as they’re concerned she’s a traitor to the normal people.

Just seeing the backs of the three bullies, I know who they are. I don’t need to see their almost perfect faces. Brandy Phillips, Michelle Sedgwick, and Wendy Baker—The Three Bitchkateers.

All three are fake blondes with tanning bed tans and acrylic nails. I guess they could be considered as pretty—at least on the outside; inside they’re wretched heathens.

I run ideas through my head on how to stop their torment. Before doing anything, I look back up and meet Bernie’s eyes staring back at me with a look of pain on her face.

Please look away!

 No way am I doing anything with her staring at me. It would give everything about me away. Not that it matters if she thinks I’m a freak; everyone else does. I just don’t want to go around flashing to the world that they’re right about me.

Finally, she looks away to block the ball. I take advantage of that moment, and I shoot my vision to the little red kick ball. I follow it as it bounces off of Bernie and back into the hands of her tormentors. I let my anger build until I can almost feel the red hotness of my fury burning behind my eyes. 

Never taking my eyes from the ball, I begin to feel its vibrations inside of me. Every time it bounces from one surface to the other, I feel it; even from across the room.

My anger reaches its limits, and I know that I’m now in control of the ball. With one final bounce off of Bernie, I push and add speed behind the ball. Instead of catching it with her hands, the ball flies directly into Brandy’s face. The sound of the red rubber smashing into her echoes through the gym.


About the Author:
Tabatha has been writing since she could pick up a pencil. Her first publication was a little poem in her elementary school paper, from that point on she was hooked. When she was a teenager, she traded in her girly magazines for personalized writing notebooks.
At nineteen, she met her own personal prince charming and writing took a back burner for a while. She is now married to that prince and the mother of a beautiful Six year old princess/rock star. Once her daughter was born, writing came back into her life, and she finished her very first novel in May of 2009.
She is pursuing a Bachelors in English and hopes to one day teach while continuing to write.
As a stay-at-home mom and full-time student, Tabatha enjoys the freedom of spending a good bit of her days doing what she loves the most…writing.

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