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November 28, 2012

Why Indies Rock blog Tour

I have been reading, books before i had a blog i used to write a review, on amazon and goodreads I never new their was a big deal about published and self published A.K.A Indies,,,I really think it rediculos, that a Blogger, won't have a Indies author on their blog they have every right as a  published..Author.. Indies. are very successful author, out their Quinn Loftis Candy crum Dannika Dark Shelly Crane  Janiera Eldridge Cambria Hebert .and the list is long All of these Author are successful, I'm say this one last thing ..When i start my blog.  and i really had no follower but i didnt care i did not  make a blog for that ..when i want it to get on a tour.. some you have to have over 200 follower ,,and i said to my self does it matter if you love the book and have a great review why I can't be on the tour ...So my first ever giveaway and tour was from a Indies author. it should not matter.. if you love the book, love for reading ,,it should not be a problem, I love to read, it don't matter if you are published or not, I love Indies and published..and that my intake


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