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November 30, 2012

Cambria Hebert interview & giveaway


1- Why is story telling important for you all of us?

I think story telling is important for me (I can’t really answer for anyone else) because reading or getting lost in a great story is a great way to step out of ordinary daily life – which can be stressful – and just get away from it all. Its actually a really affordable vacation! LOL. I don’t have to think about laundry or bills, or homework or work… I can get lost in a book for a while.

Plus, for me, writing and storytelling is a passion and it makes me happy!

2- Do you have a favorite quote?

A quote that sticks with me a lot is one I don’t even know who said it so I can’t give credit other than to say it was a wise person who wasn’t me. LOL. The quote is:

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”  - I think this is a great reminder to keep a positive attitude.

My other favorite quote is:

“Be the kind of person that when you wake up in the morning the devil says ‘Crap! They’re up!’” LOL. I don’t know who said that either.

3-what music do you listen to when you’re writing?

I actually don’t listen to music when I am writing. It distracts me and I end up dancing and singing along and that = no writing getting done. LOL! I usually like silence when I am writing. When the TV is on I mute it.

4-how did you come up with characters Heven and Kimber in Masquerade?

Heven was the first character that I came up with and she is the reason I started the book. She just started as an idea about a girl who is disfigured, insecure and has a hard time getting through the day. I wanted to write a character that was flawed, who wasn’t perfect and beautiful. I thought maybe there were people who could relate to her.

I came up with Kimber as Heven’s BFF because I wanted Heven to have at least one good friend. Kimber just kind of told me who she was. Fun, spunky, stylish and a good contrast to Heven’s more darker mood.



5-how did you come up with Sam and what he is able to shift into?

Well, I wanted a character that could shift but I didn’t really want to write a werewolf because I had just written a 4 book series about werewolves (that series is still unpublished) and so I started looking around the internet for ideas and I saw something written about what Sam is and it was perfect for what I wanted so I developed it into a character. As far as Sam as a whole, I really wanted him to be flawed too, but unlike Heven in the fact that he accepts his flaws. I also wanted him to be good despite all the temptation inside him that said be bad. And of course, I wanted him to be hot! Lol.





6-Who is your favorite character and who did you have the most fun writing?

Wow, this is really hard and I don’t know if I really have a favorite. I love them all because I have spent so much time with them. I go through little phases where I love one more than the other at a time (like when I write a novella based on only one of them) but really I love them all. The funnest character to write is probably Riley. He pops up in Tirade (Heven and Hell #3) he is so sarcastic and really doesn’t think what people think of him. I also think Kimber was really fun to write in Bewitched, getting to know her was fun! She has a snarky comment for everything and it made me laugh.



7-How many book are their going to be in the Heven and Hell Series?
There will be 4 full length novels and probably 5 short stories.


8-what are your upcoming projects and what are you writing next?

My upcoming release is Tirade Heven and Hell #3. I am currently working on Renegade (the final novel in the series) and I also have a few other ideas I would like to explore.



9-what was your main source of inspiration for the story?

My main source was honestly just to write about a girl who had to learn to love herself. A girl who was flawed and not perfect and had a hard time looking in the mirror every day. The story just took a life of its own.


10-what is the best advice you received from another author

Hmmmmm. I have gotten a lot of advice from a few of my writing friends. Recently I was talking to an author – Heather Hildenbrand of the Dirty Blood series - and she told me that it’s okay to take a break from a series you are writing to work on something new. I think that was great advice because it helps keep things fresh, keeps writing exciting and gives a brain a break. J


11-where have you traveled to and your favorites place 

 You know I haven’t traveled that many places. It’s something I would love to do more of. I’ve moved a lot… I have lived in South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania (twice now and in different places), and I grew up in Maryland. I have also been to Maine, Florida and California and have spent time in New York.

I love Pennsylvania. It’s the favorite state I have lived in and I have a soft spot for New York City, I love seeing shows on Broadway.

I would love to travel to England, Paris and London and I would also like to go to an island  for a tropical vacation.


12-tell us about your blog talk radio why do you like hosting

I co-host a blog talk radio show called JournalJabber. The other on air host is Amy Eye – my editor. We have a chat room guru, Cassie McCown who also does some editing. Cassie also does our website and blog. The radio is on Tuesday nights at 9 om EST and we interview authors each week and talk books and writing… and chickens… hair loss and werewolves… pretty much anything that comes up. LOL! It’s a really fun time. I like hosting because I can talk to a bunch of different authors and hear what kind of things they do to get inspired and what their tips are for writing and promoting. Plus it’s just really fun!



12-favorites food

YUMMMMMMM. Coffee. Hands down. I would choose a Starbucks latte over most food. I also love pumpkin. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, etc. I also have a soft spot for cereal and white cheddar popcorn, lol.


13-favorites color

 My favorite color is orange. Probably because that’s the color of a pumpkin. Lol.


14-favorites tv show

Vampire Diaries. Absolute best show EVER. I also LOVE Teen Wolf (on MTV) and I am exciting about the upcoming show this fall called Beauty and the Beast.


15-what one thing you can't live without that u always have with you

Obviously, my husband, kids and little dog Cocoa are the top things I cannot live without. But some of my other faves are: I always have my iphone with me. Can’t go anywhere without it. I always have to have coffee or hot tea. I love eye cream… I use Clinique’s All About Eyes Rich.

I also like Luna Bars – I keep them stashed in my purse cause I get cranky if I get really hungry, LOL. My favorite flavor is Lemon (okay it’s the only flavor I buy, LOL).


Thank you for having me here today!!!!! It was SO fun!



Cambria said...

thank you for the awesome interview!

Debby said...

I loved the quotes you listed. They are worth remembering., thanks for sharing through the interview.
debby236 at gmail dot com

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