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October 01, 2012

Shadow Slayer swag giveaway


Shadows will do anything to become human. You see their influence everyday. You say things you don’t mean or do things that aren’t like you. You look, different. Friends you’ve known forever suddenly never call.

As a freshman, Roxie just wants to fit in which is impossible because she barely runs into her friends at her huge high school. Adrianne’s disappearance and Hayden’s attention rock Roxie’s world. But nothing rocks it like the most gorgeous guy at school, Drew. And nothing is more important to Roxie than astral projecting back to Planet Popular to solve the mystery of the map. But that changes when Drew invites Roxie to Homecoming. Hayden warns her that something’s wrong. Why would a guy like Drew like Roxie anyway? Drew must want something. Hayden’s right. Drew is...different. Planet Popular was just the beginning. Part of a bigger world, the Shadow World. There’s a war brewing between the world of humans and the world of shadows. When the shadow invasion begins at Roxie’s high school, she’ll not only fight for her life but the lives of her family and friends, when she discovers she’s the Shadow Slayer, the one human who can save Earth from the shadow onslaught. But, Roxie can’t even kill a spider. Oh yeah, there’s an evil English teacher, an enchanted play, a sword of Sandonian steel, a homecoming of horrors, and seven magic words too.

Laura A. H. Elliott BIO:
I love writing about enchanted road trips, shadow worlds, and alien romance while eating lots of popcorn. I live with my hubby and Oso, our aussie shepherd, in our tree house on the central California coast. After twenty-plus years as a freelance graphic designer/animator with clients including E! Entertainment Television and The Los Angeles Times, I crossed over into the world of publishing non-fiction and followed my heart to the world of fiction. Check out my other books at or find me on Facebook or @Laurawriting!

LINKS: Amazon link for Shadow Slayer (Shadow Series #2):

Amazon link for FREE copy of 13 on Halloween (Shadow Series #1):

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Linda said...

looks great!

Crystal W said...

If I could ask Laura a question, it would be this: what helps you get into your creative zone when it comes to writing?

Katy Austin said...

ohh nice cover lady!!!!! who designed it?!

chelle' said...

What draws your top the supernatural ? Love the cover art as week !!!!

aerstad said...

love the cover. thanks for the giveaway

CBarton said...

Do you base any of the characters after yourself?

MaryAnn Inabinet said...

Looking forward to reading these! My question for you is what is your inspiration to write and do you have any quirks like particular places or things that you have to have with you to write?

Ruthi Kight said...

Looks GOOD!!!! I love the cover!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks so much to all of you for your comments. I've had an unexpectedly rough day and you all have been a bright spot. Crystal, I love music. I love to play music too. When all is really wrong with me I sit down at the piano and play the songs the nuns at the convent in Chicago taught me how to play. There were four kids in our family and the nuns were the best way for my parents to teach us all how to play the piano. I also get inspired by movies and sunsets. When I'm having a really tough time, I love to watch Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightly :) Thanks for asking!

Katy, I designed the cover. I hope you like it!

Chelle' I'm drawn to the supernatural because there is magic there, and sometimes life needs a little bit of magic. I write a blog called Laurasmagicday. There, I try to find magic in the every day. Last Saturday I was walking through a forest and I had to stop to listen to the leaves gently rustling the leaves. The sound was so delicate. I really appreciate sound now that my mom has a hearing aid. She's told me, "Laura, there's nothing like what the Lord gives you." She said this to describe her hearing aids. This is the closest thing my mom has ever done to complaining :)

Aerstad...thanks so much. I design the covers myself and had a lot of help from writers in refining this would NEVER believe how the cover started out. Maybe I'll post the first version and we can all have a good laugh.

CBarton. Yes. Parts of Roxie are like me. When I was in middle school I had a best friend. And then another girl was friends with us and three just didn't work. So I was sort of left out. And it kind of left an impression on me. I hope you like Roxie.

Great questions you guys. I hope you enjoy 13 on Halloween & Shadow Slayer!

Anonymous said...


My inspiration is in so many things. The inspiration for 13 on Halloween was the fact that teens have their own language and I wanted to explore a girl who saw the world through the lens of the animal kingdom:) Shadow Slayer's inspiration came from the fact that we all decide who we want to become when we are teens and I wanted to peek at our alter egos. Great question!


Thanks so much! It means SO MUCH!

Melissa Berbrich said...

Looks amazing can't wait to read it

Melissa Berbrich said...

Looks amazing can't wait to read it

Veronica said...

First congratulations on your new release.

Second, If I could ask Laura one question it would be:

If you could trade place with one character(s) from either from your character(s) or any other supernatural/paranormal series who would it be and why?


verogranch at gmail dot com

Kellee said...

Awesome giveaway!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Melissa and Veronica and Kellee for stopping by.

Great question Veronica. That's a tough one! I'd love to swap places with Roxie, because I've always wanted to have a really cool sword that I could wield to take care of the bad guys :D But, I'd also like to swap places with Ashley in Transfer Student because I've always wanted to swap lives with an alien and live as a boy for a while, but the boy she swaps lives with is a geek, so there's that. Hmmmm....and then there's Ginny from Winnemucca, who takes an enchanted road trip where her feet ask her questions she doesn't want to hear and they take her to unexpected places. But I like to think that everyone can be like Ginny if they just listen to their intuition. So I pick Roxie...The Slayer:D

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