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October 30, 2012

Review Shifter


The threat to Wicked and to Palisor forces Briony into the inevitable, an alliance with Josh, the Werewolf King. As Josh’s role becomes clearer in Palisor, and the people are demanding higher security, Briony is forced to make the most important decision in her life.

I Love wicked wood series,from the first to the last Shifter is the best ending you can get it tie up all the lose end and briony pick her true love, It and all of war, in shifter In  palisor and wicked
Briony,is now queen,of palisor. And she need a king by her side to fulfilled,her destiny and protect her people her land, and to stop Pietre,forever, But she won't mary any body just to get the power she need,Briony has the power to kill all vampire but she won't do that , her brother fallon, all the other good vampire it has to be another way to save everyone, I won't spoiled the story but Wow the hold book it good from stsrt to end the hold series, I hate to see it end but every thing was answer and well written. I absoutely Love Kailin books I'm fan of several series of her Kailin keep up the good work,

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