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October 23, 2012

Review The Red Door

The Red Door
By E.H. James
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Max is your typical 16-year-old trying to navigate his way through yet another high school, in 1962. Unable to avoid the bullies that love to torment everyone in their sight, Max plays along. But when they demand he go into the abandoned Starke house at midnight, on the anniversary of the serial killer's execution, Max is not overly anxious to comply. For it is said Starke reappears at the scene of the crime, back to where he buried all those boys in his basement. Given the task of returning with a chip of blood from the basement door, Max heads into the house, determined to make fools out of every one of them. For only a fool would believe in such nonsense…right

My Thought  This short story, is so good ,it start off with Max He just move to a new placed and a new school And the same up tight teen's who think they run the school and everybody in them,
Are Bullying him, and makeing him do this Stupid,thing.s like go to a haunted House that a man kill kids in the basement ,it side the wall still has blood on them,and they want him to go down their and get some blood, I was like yeah right, At midnight ,And if he go they leave him along ,and if not you no they mess with him,so Max agree,to it ..and when max enter the Basemaent all hell happend ..
OMG this was to short i need more ..this was a great short story.

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