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October 22, 2012

Review Passion

Passion desire book 3
by Kailin gow

Now that the easy perfection has been SHATTERED, a new battle arises, which slams Kama into the heart of darkness and action. As the battle rages in Arcadia, Kama barely escapes the horrors at the Coliseum, with the realization of the predestined full power of her heritage. Her victory at the Coliseum is short-lived as her army realize it's just one stop in the battle against the Rogues. While she was at the Coliseum, when plans go awry,Prince Torrid falls into the entangled web of the enemy, and she must work with her longtime friend and love Liam to infiltrate into the Rogue's biggest stronghold. Her time to stand up and become the heroine is now, but can she use her passion, along with the passion of her people to help win this new battle - the biggest battle in Arcadia to date?

My Thought Amazing Kailin gow delivers in the 3 book.Kama has a tuff time choosing between Torrid and Liam in this book Kama is drawn to liam cause they have a good pass together. but his dad is out to get all the magical one and keep and treat them bad.their HOT HOT torrid that i really hope she ends up with he see that she till love Liam. and is hurting about it but their no time to be thinking about that when their is a all out war in Arcadia for every one freedom.kama liam torrid Rowan and few friend along the way go out and free all djinns. and stop the war.Kama really kick but in this book she learn how to used her power and boy she has power. I love passsion and the hold series the charater is well written Kailin gow is so talented and she never disappoint Me at all I love most of her books if you have not read passion get it and the first 2 books 5 rose is rock my world

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