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October 16, 2012


Blood Lust

By Jessica L. Degarmo

ARC BY Author  

adult read  

The beauty is the beast.

Meet Nexess. She is a vampire and gang leader Antonio’s assassin and slave, whom he keeps in chains for everyone’s protection, and his pleasure, until he needs her to go out and kill for him.

And if she disobeys him, he locks her cold, hungry and alone in a cage to face her demons until she once again bows to his brute force and craves his touch.

Then she meets Jace, a vampire from the rival gang, another killer and, as her body tells her, one she has an irrepressible urge to devour, maybe in love, maybe in war.

It’s going to be a bloodbath. Then again, it already is

My thoughts,..YESSSS, Jessica, put a story about a strong vamp no weak one i love vampire story my blog is call VAMPANDSTUFF.And the cover is horrifying, gorgeous,in a creepy beautiful, way.
Nexess, was trun by vamp, that was in her house that kill her mom & sister. and was comeing to kill her when .A leader from a gang rescues her. and tell her she his only family,all Nexess need is him and he will help her through, her change,.More like she his slave she,do  all his killing for him .and if Nexess, don't listen to him he punish her for weeks.Nexess, feel like she own him every thing cause he took her in, She won't leave she just take everything , Till she meet some one like her and the pull to him in a way she can't understand, But she won't leave Antonio till the truth come out ,I love this wicket story Nexess is a bad ass don't mess with her you don't hear comeing at all she your wrost nightmare, A must read for all you craving vampire lovers, BLOOD LUST has action hot sex chain ,strong Character and a stoy line that make you want more
book 2 where u at,

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