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October 02, 2012


Fire Dance (Fire Wars #3)

As the war between the water gods and fire gods rage on in the forms of their Embodiments, Mac was forced to take on the side of her mother’s, causing her to betray her eternal love Chance. Her destiny still calls for them to be together, but now with her taking on the abilities of her mother’s heritage, things have gotten much more complicated.
 Fist it a honor to be on this tour for Kailin, cause I;m a fan of a lot of Kailin books and before i starting blogging, i was writter review and tweeting about Kailin books...Kailin is one of my favorites
author. So I'm honor to help her in every way i can.

Fire Dance, is one of the best Dystopia Mythology books i read ,It just keep get better .Mac in this book is comeing along good .She more strong. learning her fire and water power, Their's and all out war. between water and fire,But not all water is against fire..and  trying to take the land under and kill human. Mac and Chance and Varun come,together ,to save the land. Mac is torn between chance and Varun..She no her placed is with the fire ,but she can't seem to stop wanting Varun and she hurting them this book we get to see chance, a lot more with Mac.and their love for each other is some them not to be reckon with their fire power as one . Dangerous, the romance is when their around each other ,Mac can't stop thinking is this the kind of love that hurt so much when they not around each other,is this what vesta was going through, But still she love, Varum to she have to make a decision or must leave both of them along.Varm not much in this book but that good i love me some Chance ,their new Characters in fire dance. and action non stop i could not put down to short kailin now i must sit and wait for Fire test .

 5 rose

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