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October 12, 2012

Eternally Forsaken Review

Eternally Forsaken (An Eternal Series Novella)
Candy Crum Author
ARC for Review by author

After Analynn's surprise attack, Kailah finds herself awake in the Netherworld fighing for her life once again.While there, she disturbing information and is forced to pland a less direct attack to save her family from being placed under Analynn's control. Worse than a psychopathic spirit risen from the dead, kailah has learned that she is being pursued by an army of the forsaken, an evil race of werewolf forever cursed by Anubis himself and the Mothers, the sx incredibly powerful original Immortal woman hell bent on taking Kailah, even against her will
kaillah must now learn all she can and train in order to defend the one she loves.

My Thought Brilliant Candy Crum has grown into amazing talented author who has capture readers in her stories candy is driven,. She to watch closely the eternal gift series is some then you don't want to miss. I love all 3 books amd this story take placed in between and tell you every thing that happends to Kailah...Kailah grow up in this book she has to face a evil spirit. and a army of forsaken is comeing for her and vampire want her to. The man that she in love with love some one els and only he see the good in the other person.She is trying to stop the spirit from truning her family against her but the spirit is stronge. she has to learn more about her power she is a Immortal she can master fire water air earth spirit . How cool is that wish i had them power I don't want to give the story away
.it has wolf vamp crazy Spirit fighting non stop action. candy has become one of my favorite Author, I can't wait to see all the other new books i no candy going to put out.


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