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October 29, 2012


CowGirls Vampires
Samantha Carter believes that a vampire is responsible for the brutal deaths of four women in her hometown.

Desperate to prove this, Samantha accepts the friendship of a Preacher, two Cowgirls, and a Cowboy. Together, they are hired by the mysterious Englishman, Spencer Drake, to travel by steam train into the mountains in search of gold. It’s on this journey that Samantha finds romance with a man who keeps a dark and terrifying secret and discovers that vampires are not only very real, but are far more dangerous than she ever imagined. In order to stay alive, Samantha needs to figure out why things have gone so terribly wrong for her. But more importantly, why is she out of time?

'Cowgirls & Vampires' Book One by Tim O'Rourke

**This is a mature New Adult Novel for ages 17 and up. Contains sexual situations and scenes of horror
So I love the cover on Google Images the banner it so cute,
Just let me say.CowGirls Vampires are fantastic,read  I'm so happy i had the opportunity,to read this Tim. Samantha, belive Vampire are real and She want proof before she tell anyone and looks at her crazy,Sam is chasing a suspected, and hot on his track and the police think she the killer .But sam don't care she no it him the vamp that killing human, she run on to a train when all of sudden, she in a different time and a different place, and she dress up as a cowgirl and the man standing in front of her is dress like a cowboy, and he saying that she kill his friends that laying all around her, that he going to make her paid, and sam don't no how she kill them.Sam all of sudden jump up and fight like a pro and she dont no how ahe can fight like that she scared of her self. Sam meet Vampire hunters, Preacher Harry, Zoe and more people,where their journey just beginning, Cowgirls, Vampires has action adventure  Romance Storg Characters, Must read

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