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October 12, 2012

Blood Right Review

The search for the Life’s Blood Carriers have gotten desperate now that two of the Greystones have unwittingly been affected. Right at the start of their journey back to Rutherford, a crisis hits Kalina, Justin, and Max, which causes a rift between the Greystones. Kalina’s strange change is taking over, and now she finds herself in need for answers, fast, before she can commit herself to the one she truly loves.


Life's Blood
Blood Burned
Blue Blood
PULSE Papers Novella
Blood Bond
Blood Legacy
Blood Rights

Spin-Off Series
Brotherhood of Blood
Blood Gold

MY Thought let just say Kailin gow keep pulling me in with her books Pulse series do not disappoint and wow pick right back up where blood legacy left off . Kalina is comeing in to her vamp power and is become much stronge. she still in a love triangle between Octavius & Jaegar's and they both are hot the way kalina descrive them as hot hot hot she can't let both of them go... well i would pick Jaegar he show her so much love alway their for her. but Octavius in this book tell her how much he love her this is hard one to pick .so Max Kalina and everyone are still looking for the carriers.And Molotov get whats comeing to him OMG their and all out war . action non stop in this book. they awaken evil vampire nothing can kill her but Kalina...I'm leave it like that so good can't wait for the new book. to see what happend love it


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