1...  Which character you had most fun writing
So far I would say the Jen has been the most fun. She is just so easy to write. She says what she thinks, doesn't worry about what others think of her and is really confident in who she is. As I'm writing book 5, Beyond the Veil, I'm finding that Costin is a really fun character as is Desdemona.

2....what was your main source of inspiration for the story 
I had a group of girlfriends in jr. high and high school that were my best buds. We did everything together. Our relationships were a lot like Jacque, Sally and Jen. High school and all the crap that goes with it is hard, and having a group (there were four of us) of girls who were there for me and understood the things I was going through made it so much better. That's where the friendship part comes from. There other is just werewolves and all things paranormal. I really enjoy anything paranormal and werewolves just happen to be my favorite.

3......what are your current projects 
Right now I'm about halfway through Book 5 in the Grey Wolves Series, and I've just finished the out line and written chapter 1 to a new YA paranormal romance. I hope to have book 1 of it out in mid to late December.

4.... What 's one thing that the readers would be surprised to find out about youI'm a procrastinator- like bad. Half the time my husband doesn't know how I'm going to make my deadlines on my books cause I just drag my feet and then I have a few really good days and BAM! it's done. It would be so much easier if I would just write a little everyday, but maybe I just write better under pressure ;)
5...Favorite Hobby
Reading (duh!) LoL

6...favorite color

7......ene item you can not live with out
iphone (sad but true)

8.. Favorite movie and music 
Pride and Prejudice, Country, pop, classic rock, singer/songwriter, I like a wide variety of music

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