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September 05, 2012


Today i have on my blog Lisa Renee Jones weclome make your self at home
Thanks for having me today!

I have a Yankee Candle and a $10 Amazon card to give away in celebration of IF I WERE YOU. I have some big exciting news about this series being announced next week but I can’t tell yet!

I thought in the meantime I’d talk about something people keep bringing up to me. Who would play Mark, Chris and Sara in a movie? What a fun question.

For me Chris Hemsworth is a good choice. I like Ian Somerhalder for Mark but since he’s been called Cristian from Shades often I wish I could think of someone else. Then there is Sara. She’s tough. Two popular responses have been Ashley Green and Amanda Seyfried if she died her hair. I found a shot of Amanda with dark hair and she looks great!

What do you think? And if not for this book who would you cast in your favorite book or series?

Just post for your chance to win today’s prize!

A new big contest has started!  Lots of fun prizes including a Kindle Fire and more!

Links to buy the book are here:


jaimecr76 said...

Mark, I would have to go with Luke Evans. Chris would be Tom Hardy. And for Sara, I would go with Zooey Deschanel.

Samantha Stettner said...

Chris Hemswortg and Amanda Seyfried and Ashley Greene are mine;-) glad they got
Put up!:-) I'm
Leaning more towards Amanda!

Mandy Hessong said...

For Sara, looking on the pic of the cover, I think of Nina Dobrev, for Mark, maybe Chris Pine, and for Chris, Chris Hemsworth.

June M. said...

I am generally no good at casting people for books (mainly because I don't watch many movies or TV shows).
I do like Chris Helmworth though (very hot) and possibly Channing Tatum. I guess actress wise I would go with Amanda.
Congrats on the release!!!
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Laura said...

I like Amanda with dark hair, but I was thinking someone more along the lines of a young Kate Beckinsdale. I like Mandy's choice of Nina Dobrev. Chris Helmsworth would be be perfect - in fact, I think that's who I thought of while I was reading it (maybe it was the name???)

jag291431 said...

Ashley Greene, chris, amanda

Aemelia said...

I like Charlie Hunnam or Jensen Ackles for Chris
Henry Cavil for Mark
Olivia Wilde for Sarah

Lisa Renee Jones said...

June I had to rule at Channing because DH hates him so

Laura DH also thinks Kate Beckingsale for well EVERYTHING lol

Woo Henry Cavil is a good choice too!

Samantha you know I am loving the dark haired Amanda option!

Alison Rush said...

Love your books.. waiting on your news..

Samantha Stettner said...

Oh I know you are, Lisa :-) My favorite <3

Nikki Archer said...

Nina Dobrev Chris Henry maybe LoL I would to see this on the movies so bad,,,

donnas said...

I am horrible at casting. But the mentioned choices sound good.

Brandy Blackerby said...

Hmmm I dont understand Ive posted on here 3 times & it says its there then I come back & its GONE LOL I wonder what I'm doin wrong

Tonya Renee Callihan said...

After reading the first book I think Amanda would be perfect to play Sara. I kept seeing Matt Boomer in my mind as Mark, I'm not sure why. As for Chris...gosh I don't know...I think Chris Pine would be one good option...he has that carefree attitude yet can be serious.

Brandy Blackerby said...

Charlie Hunnam(Jax from Sons of Anarchy) Or Alexander Skarsgard(Eric Northman iff True Blood)as Chris Joe Manganiello(Alcide off True Blood) OR Orlando Bloom as Mark & Jennifer Lawrence(Katniss off The Hunger Games)

Samantha Stettner said...

OMG! Not Jennifer Lawrence LOL and NOT Alexander Skarsgard :-|...
People have some very strange suggestions LOL...

Lisa Renee Jones said...

I was away a few hours tonight and I am smiling looking at the suggestions. You know- don't throw anything at me Samantha-- but I brought up Jennifer Lawrence and my DH - screamed NOOOOO! LOL

Casting is tricky. Look at Janet E's books turned into a movie. People didn't like the choice for Stephanie Plum and I think it hurt the movies.

Alison Rush said...


Paranormal Dream Writer said...

I don't get the Chris Hemsworth for anything, but I would take Ian any time!

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