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August 22, 2012


DIY or get a professional?

Guest Post

Alexia Purdy


I recently had a decision to make as I contemplated getting a cover artist for one of my books. Let me tell you, it almost like shopping for a potential mate. You do the query, whip up a little spiel of what your book is about, what your vision is and what not. I have no problem with this issue, it’s the wide variety of quotes I get that stuns me. Sure there are quotes upwards to a thousand dollars (mini heart attack) and downwards to the lowest I’ve seen of $20-$40 for an ebook only cover.  It’s pretty crazy. Yet, the case of ‘you get what you paid for’ does not necessarily applied here. It is the ability and competence of the talent that is being hired out. That being, I have seen some horrid covers for tons of money and likewise I have admired some amazing covers that were dirt cheap.

I have tried my hand at cover design and it is definitely not as easy as it looks. I don’t have an expensively nice program and I lack a lot of the tools and know how, but I’d love to get better at it and am deciding on classes.  All I can say about my experience is that I am having fun at it, though my endless aggravation and ever so lacking amount of patience has done me in. I am not sure I want to continue wearing the graphic design hat until I get some proper training and some decent tools.

So here comes the question. Is it worth hiring a designer instead of doing it myself? Absolutely! Especially if your pc is in danger of being flung out the window (like mine). Save yourself hours of frustration and a tension headache, there are many artists out there eager to help an author or anyone with graphic design needs.

Cover Artists I have used for my books & LOVE!:

Paragraphic Designs:

Stephanie Mooney:

Highly recommended designers:

Mae I Design and Photography:

Phatpuppy Creations:

Julija Lichman:

Hey Alexia Purdy will be back hear on sept 23 talking about her Dark Faerie Tale  Series .


Inger Iversen said...

Excellent post! Thanks for the advice. I am struggling with my artist now and it is so stressful. My cover was commissioned July and here I am, still waiting :] Luckily, I found:

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